SLT-MOBITEL complements President’s fifth “Gama Samaga Pilisandara” programme


SLT-MOBITEL complements President’s fifth “Gama Samaga Pilisandara” programme with Voice & 4G/Data connectivity solutions at Lathugala, Uhana, Amapara

As the National Telecommunications Service Provider, with a drive for digital inclusivity, SLT-MOBITEL complemented the President’s fifth of the series “Gama Samaga Pilisandara” programme recently held in Lathugala, Uhana, Amapara with high speed 4G Broadband and improved voice services.

SLT-MOBITEL was able to step in and power the community of Uhana with a permanent base station that was built expeditiously in an environment friendly manner. The Lathugala Primary School in the area also received desktop computers, Wi-Fi routers and school accessories from SLT-MOBITEL.

With the recent brand unification of SLT and Mobitel, the company is now in a much synergized, stronger position to support the government’s vision of connecting Sri Lanka by bridging the digital divide. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, SLT-MOBITEL has implemented prompt measures to facilitate students’ e-learning facilities, enabling the future generation to carry out their educational curriculum in a hassle free manner.


Sri Lanka Telecom PLC is the national Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider and the leading broadband and backbone infrastructure services provider in Sri Lanka for over 163 years. SLT enables opportunities that empower Sri Lankans and elevates the country’s standing in the global arena.

SLT’s transformation into a digital service provider has seen the Company move beyond telecommunications services to provide a variety of services and solutions that cater to a digital lifestyle. Mobitel, the mobile arm of SLT launched the First Commercial 4.5G/4G+ Mobile Network in South Asia in 2018 and was the first network in South Asia to successfully showcase the deployment of 5G over a Mobile Network by connecting a commercial Mobile smartphone to its 5G network exceeding speeds of 1.55Gbps.

Mobitel has made great strides in recent years to expand its influence in NB-IoT, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Critical Communication technologies and solutions and has been adjudged as the Fastest 4G-LTE network in Sri Lanka for two consecutive years by Ookla, the global leader in internet speed and testing applications.




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