EuroKitchens Trading & Contracting Pvt (Ltd) [EKTC] has been chosen by
RATIONAL as its exclusive partner in Sri Lanka, helping make further available the
premier manufacturer’s unparalleled range of cooking systems to professional
kitchens across the country.

The provided portfolio of integrated services will include
supply and distribution, as well as the full gamut of after-sales services.

A subsidiary of PromoLanka Holdings, home-grown brand EKTC has for the past
seven years been dedicated to offering complete and comprehensive solutions for
the design, construction, and supply of high-end commercial kitchens and laundry
equipment to star-class hotels, resorts, villas, and restaurants in Sri Lanka, ensuring
incomparable customer satisfaction and quality of service for specialized industrial
applications. Although already a veteran in the industry, EKTC has outlined a brand-
new vision for the company, with plans to restructure and redefine its focus, hoping
to create a new chapter of corporate success.

“As part of our commitment to our clients in the industry, EKTC has undergone a
transformative revamp with even new management on board,” added Director of
EKTC, Adil Mansoor. “We hope in particular to overcome the many challenges in our
sector with regards to HR availability, and we feel that our aligning visions is what
makes us the ideal partner for RATIONAL.”

“With our extensive market coverage in Sri Lanka and successful track record in the
hospitality and F&B sector, we look forward to leveraging RATIONAL's well-
established German quality and efficiency to bring cutting-edge appliances to our
large customer base.”

Established in 1973, the Germany-based RATIONAL Group is the world market and
technology leader in the field of hot food preparation for professional kitchens. The
now globally-acclaimed brand employs more than 2,300 people, with over 1,300
based in Germany alone. RATIONAL has been listed in the Prime Standard of the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange since its IPO in 2000, and is currently included in the
SDAX. Internally, RATIONAL is committed to the principle of sustainability,
expressed in its policies on environmental protection, leadership and social

The company’s success comes from years of unfailingly providing the finest cooking
systems and appliances which deliver functionality in the form of high-quality food
which appeal to the eye, but most importantly produce taste and quality above par.
Among its diverse selection of sophisticated food preparation equipment, RATIONAL
is the world’s leading manufacturer of combi ovens; acknowledged by gastronomy
industry professionals as the most beneficial and cost-effective cooking solution for commercial kitchens available today. RATIONAL’s innovative combi technology can
perfectly fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake -and much more- all in a single versatile
and self-cleaning piece of equipment, producing quantity without compromising on
consistently high standards; specializing in hot food preparation which enables food
to be cooked at correct temperatures, sealing in the flavor and moisture in order to
maintain consistency in every dish that is served.

As the RATIONAL Service Partner in Sri Lanka, EKTC will not only supply combi
ovens to the kitchens of both large-scale hotel chains as well as individual
restaurants, but will also engineer service, repair, and maintenance of the full range
of RATIONAL equipment, having being approved to carry out RATIONAL warranty
and post warranty work. Employing the expertise of a fully qualified, internationally
experienced, RATIONAL Corporate Chef, Thushara Gunawardhana, all EKTC staff
have now been trained in the installation, calibration, cleaning, and maintenance of
all RATIONAL equipment in order to ensure compliance with the global brand’s

“We are excited to have now exclusively partnered with EKTC to expand our
presence, providing on a greater scale our new -as well as our more popular- range
of innovative cooking appliances and systems to a larger segment of the industry in
Sri Lanka,” commented Millie Chan, Vice President Partner Markets Asia at
RATIONAL. “The current installed base across the country is promising, and we are
certain that the synergy of our collaboration with EKTC will drive acceptance of our
cooking solutions to even more kitchens.”


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