EFL 3PL strengthens their online presence

Sri Lanka’s top logistics multinational conglomerate EFL launched a website for its third-
party logistics (3PL) cluster, complementing its revamped approach towards providing
supply chain solutions.

EFL 3PL who thrives at being responsive is taking this step towards improving the discoverability of its services via this launch. The website will help connect EFL 3PL’s strong offline representation with its ever-growing digital presence and eventually become a key touchpoint between prospective clients and EFL 3PL. It will also serve as a very useful tool to share success stories and evidence of its supply chain capabilities.

The supply chain solutions provided by EFL 3PL include bonded and non-bonded
distribution centres, Freeport and e-Commerce fulfilment centres, project logistics,
clearance, transport, consultancy and value-added services for diverse industry
verticals such as apparel textile, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, technology and telcos.

With the launch of the dedicated new website, EFL 3PL intends on solidifying its position as a holistic supply chain solutions provider. The focus on digital remains true to EFL 3PL’s
ongoing technological advancements; the emphasis on a website for 3PL solutions
makes it easier for existing and potential regional clients to find integrated logistics
solutions online and read about how the company has delivered innovative supply chain
management solutions across diverse industry verticals.

“Our focus on a modern and grounded approach to business doesn’t really fit in with the
traditional B2B approach of logistics providers,” says Hanif Yusoof, Founder & President of EFL and Group CEO of Expolanka Holdings PLC. “We are reorienting our approach to think about what our customers need.

This is how we can help our customers to meet the real market demand- by addressing their customers’ pain points. Different regions have different dominant industry verticals which in turn requires customized supply chain solutions, especially 3PL. As such, a universal website does not help a company portray its customer value proposition according to the region. Therefore, the launch of www.efl3pl.lk is merely just a prelude of greater things to come.”

About EFL

EFL is a member of Expolanka PLC – a leading conglomerate with interests in
Logistics, Leisure and Investments. The company has thrived on overcoming the
challenges of operating in limited logistic infrastructure markets, taking its operations to
19 countries, 60+ offices and over 2300 staff around the world.

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