Don’t let the beauty industry tell you otherwise. Real women have skin blemishes.
The British beauty giant with a conscience -The Body Shop- is fighting industry labels
yet again, this time in the hope of eliminating terminology such as ‘bad’ and ‘problem’
skin’ that can affect women’s self-esteem. Always in favour of promoting body
confidence over all else, The Body Shop is calling on women to prioritise skin health
when it comes to choosing their skincare products. Real beauty is after all more than
just skin deep.

Embracing our imperfections as natural is the first step to achieving beautifully healthy
skin. So, I have skin blemishes, now what?

Fans of The Body Shop’s iconic Tea Tree skincare range can now rejoice with the
addition of the newest member to the family. The all-natural Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection
Peel-Off Mask is the range’s first ever DIY peel-off mask, and as with all the other tea
tree products, targets all-natural skin concerns such as blemishes, blackheads, and oily

The power of the oil from the tea tree is that it is nature’s alternative to harsh chemical
ingredients often used in the treatment of blemished skin. The 100% vegan Tea Tree
Anti-Imperfection Peel-Off Mask -as with the entire tea tree range- is infused with
Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya as well as Tamanu oil extract which is
reputed to help generate new tissue and improve the healing process for skin; a
powerhouse of purifying ingredients all in one 10g recyclable cup!

In true The Body Shop fashion, with the new peel-off mask too, the brand is dedicated
to staying as true to nature as possible, all the while helping to empower the
communities which thrive in it. In choosing to trade with the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers
Association (KOOFA), farmers are not just provided with a steady income, but as a
result they are able to develop sustainable farming systems and fund community
projects in their local area.

Using the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Peel-Off Mask is as simple as counting to four; a
simple -and painless- four-step process in fact. Add water. Mix. Mask. Peel off.
For your very own home-facial, just add water up to the indicator line on the cup, mix it
up, and apply, spreading a liberal amount of the formula onto clean, dry skin -avoiding
the lip and eyes-. Take about 20 minutes (or until dry) to let the mask work its magic


onto your skin before finally peeling it off. Then go out into the world instantly
rejuvenated, and with a fresher face to show for it.

Unlike many masks, the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Peel-Off Mask uses ‘peel without
the pinch’ technology for a peel-off mask that is super satisfying and pain-free,
delivering instantaneous results that can be felt and seen. Your skin will look clearer
and mattified and feel decongested at the same time.

Tea tree oil has been utilised by The Body Shop as a proven wonder product for the
treatment of blemished skin, restoring radiance and delivering smoother and more
refined skin. The purifying skincare range has been a top seller for over 20 years, and
is now a staple in most beauty pouches.

All it takes for good skin confidence every day is naturally healthy skin. And to have
healthy skin is to treat it right with skincare that actually works.

Shop The Body Shop’s new Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Peel-Off Mask, and the entire
Tea Tree skincare range from The Body Shop flagship store on Bagatale Road, Odel in
Alexandra Place, the Kandy City Centre, and their newest store at the Colombo City


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