Prime Group was selected as the Most Respected Real Estate Organization
among Sri Lanka’s ‘Most Respected Entities’ in 2019 for the third time, through an independent ranking commissioned by LMD ( Lanka Monthly Digest) and conducted by Nielsen.

The Prime Group was ranked at the 34th position among the selected 135’ Most respected Entities in Sri Lanka in 2019’.

“Through steady growth of two decades, Prime Group has earned magnums corporate credibility that has eroded any negativity and created a strong sense of security and trust among the general public on the real estate services and products offered by them.

As such the accolade as the ‘Most Respected’ in the real estate category amongst the ‘hall of fame’ of other business giants and industry leaders is indicative of the
success of Prime Group’s earned respect; an ROI that cannot be merged nor acquired,” noted Brahamanage Premalal, Chairman of Prime Group, while expressing his delight on the recognition bestowed upon Prime Group.

“The key construct of the trust that is synonymous with Prime Group is based on the personnel of our company who encounters the consumers at the many different levels of their consumer process. The faith public has placed on us is further rendered to create a strong sense of credibility towards the organization as well. Hence, I consider our employees as one of our priceless assets. In addition, Prime Group,
understands the importance of the fine balance between ‘brand name and reputation’. As such, we place many efforts towards quality assurance and innovation.

The service and product quality is much important in reputation management. In our case the brand name ‘Prime’ is directly linked to the reputation that we would
like to uphold. Under such context, the positive reputation and the ability to maintain a service culture and work ethics that are concurrent to the brand name ‘Prime’, has enabled us to be recognized as the ‘most respected’ real estate organization in the industry today,” emphasized the Chairman.

Real estate industry in Sri Lanka resonates life long dreams of any family or a person’s dreams of becoming house/land owners. Whereby, the ‘trust’ and ‘faith’ a customer lays on a real estate agent is unparalleled.

The consumer trusts and believes the ‘real estate’ agent to provide an equal return that equates their life long savings and investment. Accordingly, it is essential that the consumer opts for an organization that is the ‘most respected’ in the industry.

Prime Group’s accolade as the ‘Most Respected’ among the real estate organizations thereby translates the Group’s strong fold in the nation as the most credible Real Estate partner in the country.

Through a strict ethical behavior in the industry, of over two decades , the Prime Group has been able to ignore any turbulent downward business trends in the industry. The group’s focus has always been on the ‘big picture’ where the customers are put first and foremost. This service ethic has eroded any negative impact and customers have
continued to stay confident with their investments in the hands of ‘Prime’ .

Backed with the leaders who are keen on transforming vision into reality, Prime assess their leaders by their quality, commitment and productivity. As such the strong leadership that navigates the Prime Group’s pathway has become the hidden formula for the Group’s success. This is indicative on the rational of customers opting for Prime Group for the past 24 years and being the best choice as the most effective, adaptable and vigilant in a nation where there is always room for unforeseen economical duresses among
the customers.

Prime Group was founded in 1995 and has grown into Sri Lanka’s market leader in real estate sector, serving every segment of this fast-paced and ever-growing market, keeping with their Vision of ‘Committed to create a better place on earth’. Being selected as a Great Place to Work for 5 years consecutively, Prime Group stands strong with an undeniable dedication to excellence and a continued desire for self- improvement. As such achieving and even exceeding their own benchmarks.


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