Pioneering UK-owned e-learning network, Third Space Global (TSG) announced the
launch of “Teach Sri Lanka”, a bold new initiative aimed at revamping how Sri Lankan
students learn and understand mathematics by providing free access to its cutting-edge
online virtual classrooms.

Kicking off its first week of free classes from 29 July to 9 August, the course will initially
open up its sessions to over 200 Grade 3-7 children who will each be provided with 1:1
classes specially structured to open each student up to an entirely new, engaging, and
faster way to solve mathematical problems.

“Especially in today’s increasingly knowledge-driven global economy, education is by far
the most important investment any parent can make. Third Space Global was founded
in Sri Lanka on the idea that our people’s intelligence could be harnessed as a
resource, creating rewarding employment opportunities.

“With the launch of Teach Sri Lanka, we now want to use the special skills that our
tutors have picked up and share them with Sri Lankan students as well. In this way, we
hope to build numeracy and the ability to understand and work with numbers among Sri
Lankan students, and gradually spark a positive social change in the way that our youth
see, feel, and think about math,” TSG CEO, Roshan Nilaweera stated.

Third Space Global is a British owned and BOI approved company that maintains
regional headquarters and e-learning hubs in Sri Lanka and India. Established in Sri
Lanka in 2015, TSG’s 200+ workforce stands as the world’s first and largest global and
scalable teaching network of highly trained online tutors supported by cutting edge

Online tutoring itself is a rapidly growing field that seeks to expand the classroom out
into the virtual world, so that education and learning can be quickly accessed by any
student, anywhere in the world. In this manner, TSG aims to improve teaching and
access to quality 1:1 education for international students, while also creating engaging
employment opportunities for Sri Lanka’s youth.

Established in 2015, TSG is Sri Lanka’s market leader in online tutoring, having already
delivered over 500,000 hours of online tutoring to over 1,000 schools in the UK. It’s
powered by a workforce of intelligent and highly committed young Sri Lankan tutors, of

which nearly 60% are female compared with the industry rate of 35%. TSG aims to
leverage its work-from-home flexi-time model in order to further expand its local team in
the near future. This expansion will enable employees living in rural Sri Lanka to earn a
city wage from the comfort of their own homes.

TSG has commenced student enrollments for its first Teach Sri Lanka free tutoring
sessions on a first-come-first-served-basis. Those interested may enroll online via


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