Huawei honors ”Beautiful Sri Lanka” Photography excellence uplifting country destination

Huawei, the number one smartphone brand of Sri Lanka, organized a timely competition for aspiring shutter-bugs to experience and portray Sri Lanka’s beauty through the “Beautiful Sri Lanka” Competition earlier this year.

The winner, Anushka Fernando, received a Huawei P30 Lite device courtesy of Huawei,
while other winners received 5 Huawei GT Watches, 10 Free buds and supplementary consolation prizes.

The theme for the photography competition focused on Beautiful Sri Lanka.Many aspiring mobile photographers with fervor for capturing the splendor of the island nation and promoting Sri Lanka as a preferred destination of choice participated for this all island competition.

A prestigious and reputed panel of judges including Dr. Vickum Senanayake and Raffealla Fernando proceeded to choose the 20 subsequent finalists and the winners, which proved anexceedinglychallenging task, given the aptitude and flair for photography that the contestants showed.

The winner of the contest, Anushka, commented, “It is very generous of Huawei Sri Lanka to open up such a forum for aspiring mobile photographers and a platform for Huawei users to showcase their photographic eye and their talent.

This motivation is a huge stepping stone in our potential careers and I am really honored to be recognized and be a part of this prestigious event. We are also extremely excited
for the future plans that Huawei has in order to strengthen the mobile photography sector of Sri Lanka.”

He further stated, “The level of photographic features that we can expect from mobile phones has been redefined intensely by Huawei. Huawei is definitely a photographer’s best friend, considering its ease of access, portability and higher intelligence when it comes to capturing your favorite moments and sceneries. Using Huawei devices is always a delightful experience and we expect to see more astounding advances in Huawei smartphones in the future.”

Speaking about the contest, Huawei Sri Lanka Country Head, Peter Liu stated, “The purpose of the Beautiful Sri Lanka mobile photography contest was primarily the opening up of a platform for emerging professionals in mobile photography and promoting brand Sri Lanka to the international.

One of Huawei’s key ambitions is to “Rewrite the rules of Photography” and redefine the mobile camera as a tool to record and capture beautiful moments to a level of professionalism. I believe that the Beautiful Sri Lanka contest has allowed the discovery of Huawei’s true photographic capabilities as well as rewarding the aspiring talent of the up-and-coming mobile photography sector as well as uplifting Sri Lanka as a destination filled
with adventure and amazing people” Recently Colombo was voted as the must -photograph travel destination of 2019.

The Huawei commissioned research of over 1.3 million social media posts found the city of Colombo is the location travelers most want to take a picture of celebrating the new P Series launch in Sri Lanka.

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