Parent company of Expolanka, SGH Holdings Japan awards its Freight & Logistics Arm EFL for Outstanding Innovation

Japanese conglomerate and parent company SGH Holdings awarded EFL (Expolanka Freight) with the ‘Outstanding Performance Award’ for their transformative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project at the recently completed Global Innovation Competition.

The awards recognizing the groups Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives is led by the management team and honors remarkable projects in FY2018 under two categories; Women Work Promotion and Work Style Reforms.

With EFL qualifying to the final stage of the competition under the Work Style Reforms category, the RPA project is testament to a technology platform that aids in managing the monotonous and mundane everyday tasks.

The project was based on a collaborated effort of proactive approaches utilizing advanced technology and business intelligence to run with increased accuracy, accelerated operational efficiency and increased productivity.

While the development of this passion project was steered aggressively by a strong team consisting of cross- department members, it proved to be a strong foundation to substantially accelerate group- based approaches and enhance overall performance and capabilities.

The EFL 3PL team consisting of Supun Kanchana, Chamika Gomis and Chamindri Sooriyabandara was presented a special award by Chairman, Eiichi Kuriwada alongside other senior management personnel of the Group, at a ceremony held last month.

Launched in 2014, this annual competition has paved the way for a wave of global initiatives and now includes active participation of the all the Group’s subsidiaries around the world. In 2017, Total Marketing Solutions (TMS) and Home Delivery Depo Strategies presented by Sagawa Express won the competition titled ‘Waku-Waku’ under the two respective categories Women Work Promotion and Workplace Reforms. This year’s competition, however, took a wider approach towards D&I and changed its name to the Diversity Award competition.

As SG Holdings continues to promote an extensive D&I strategy recognizing diverse values, this offers EFL employees representing over 20 nationalities a platform to foster a more creative workforce and drive towards continuous innovation capabilities.

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