Pyramid Wilmar’s Masterline Bakery Advisory Services to add value to Sri Lankan bakery industry

Pyramid Wilmar launched Masterline Bakery Advisory Services, a specialised state-of-the-art baking learning centre that is focused on adding value to the country’s bakery industry by enhancing knowledge within the industry.

Pyramid Wilmar’s Masterline range of products which has a history of over 6 decades, includes bakery shortening, specialty fats and industrial margarines that is extensively used by a majority of bakers across the island.

The biggest challenge in sustaining and growing the industry is the reluctance to adaption of new technology and skills in baking. As a local multinational with access to technology, R&D and new trends in the baking industry worldwide, Pyramid Wilmar is best equipped to bring these global solutions to the local industry. We are committed to ensure sustainability of the bakery industry for the generations to come.

Located at Colombo 4, the Masterline Bakery Advisory Services is launched to address these key issues through a carefully-thought out set of workshops and programmes that will boost the knowledge of individuals employed in bakeries, hotels, restaurants as well as entrepreneurs such as home-bakers.

The experts at the institute will introduce them to the latest developments in baking technology and how best they can use modern equipment to increase their efficiencies and enhance the quality of their bakery goods.

They will also be educated on how to streamline the operational aspects of their businesses
through sound management techniques and planning. Sri Lanka's booming tourism industry can also benefit from the institute as hotels and restaurants island-wide can send their chefs to the institute to upgrade their skills.

Additionally, educating school Home Science teachers on the latest technology and
techniques in baking with the expectation that they will pass on the knowledge to the students who will be the future generation of the country and foster their knowhow in the industry is another aspect the institute will be focusing on.

Addressing the gathering at the event, T.M. Dananda – Head of Masterline Bakery Advisory Services stated, “We want baking to be seen as a profession by adding value to it. It is important that they realise that baking is both an art and a science and by utilising the correct methodology and modern techniques, not only can they produce better quality bakery products, but they can do so by spending less time and effort.

We want to see more individuals enter the industry, thereby growing the industry to meet future demands while also increasing the quality of the end product. This will in turn build a positive future for all stakeholders of the industry and ensure that the Sri Lankan consumer gets the best quality and greater choice when purchasing their bakery products.”

Giving insights into the company, Priyantha Kolonnage – General Manager of Pyramid Wilmar stated, “Pyramid Wilmar has a rich history especially when it comes to Masterline bakery products in Sri Lanka.

All our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility located in the Muthurajawela Industrial Park.With  in the plantations, milling, processing and logistics industries, we as a Group have ensured that our supply chain is well integrated which allows us to maintain the quality of Masterline which has stood as a legacy for generations”.

Pyramid Wilmar is a joint venture between Asia’s largest integrated agribusiness group Wilmar International Limited and Pyramid Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Singapore, Wilmar International is currently ranked amongst the largest listed companies by market capitalisation on the Singapore Exchange.

Pyramid Wilmar’s business activities include merchandising and processing of
palm and lauric edible oils, manufacturing of bakery shortening, specialty fats and margarines, manufacturing of small pack consumer edible oils and sugar trading. The company manufactures, markets and distributes Fortune Cooking Oils, Sri Lanka’s No. 1 edible oil and MeadowLea Fat Spread. It is also a shareholder of the Shangri-La Hotel projects in Sri Lanka. Pyramid Wilmar in a joint venture with Sunshine Holdings owns tea and palm plantations.

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