Munchee, the flagship brand of Ceylon Biscuits Limited, has won the prestigious ”People’s Export Brand of the Year” award at the recently concluded SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards 2019.

Nadeeja Karunathilaka, General Manager – International Market Development at Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL)receives the award from Ms. Sathika Wickramasinghe, Project Chairperson for SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards 2019. Also in the picture are the members of Marketing and Sales teams of CBL.

Annually highlighting and recognizing the profound impact on all Sri Lankans from brands and celebrities, SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards is distinct because it is the public that acts as the judging panel. These awards, more than any other, embody the will and voice of the people by empowering brands and personalities who are closest to their hearts.

It is also noteworthy that Munchee was the only FMCG brand nominated four times in four very different categories, including the trendsetting ”People’s Youth Choice – Brand of the Year’ and the coveted ”People’s Brand of the Year”, which is in and of itself a major achievement for any FMCG brand in Sri Lanka.

In fact, Munchee was the only FMCG brand nominated in the ”People’s Youth Choice – Brand of the Year” category in 2019. This is in addition to several other People’s Awards that Munchee has won over the years, including the highly regarded ”People’s FMCG Brand of the Year” honor in 2011.

Nalin Karunaratne, CEO of Ceylon Biscuits Limited said:

“We are deeply honored that Munchee has once again been proven as the true people’s choice. This People’s Award win, as well as the multiple nominations received, shows that Munchee continues to occupy the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans from all walks of life. The recognition that we frequently receive, both locally and at international levels, reflects not just the superiority of our products but also strength of our brand, which is a direct result of
our team’s hard work over the years.”

Now in its 13 th consecutive year, the SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards saw the conclusion of a comprehensive island-wide survey conducted by Nielsen Sri Lanka, which over a five-month period scientifically collected data from across all districts, including the North and East.

The SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards is an important yardstick for FMCG brands since it is based on peoples’ suggestions, wherein they single out their favorite brands without any prompting.

Munchee, the truly Sri Lankan Brand that won the hearts of all Sri Lankans for decades has expanded its reach across over 65 countries promising the best quality products at all times, truly living up to its tagline of ‘Crowning Success.’


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