The NDB Wealth Investment Team comprising Vindhya Jayasekera, Vice President of NDB Wealth (extreme right) with Amaya Nagodavithane and Ravinath Weerakoon.

Expert financial planner NDB Wealth marked Sri Lanka's 71st Independence Day on
February 4, 2019.

The NDB Wealth Investment Team comprising Vindhya Jayasekera, Vice President of NDB Wealth (extreme right) with Amaya Nagodavithane and Ravinath

”To mark Sri Lanka’s 71st Independence Day, take some very good advice that has
withstood the test of time from famed military strategist and author H. John Poole.
His famous quote, ‘You Must Learn to Save First and Spend Afterwards’, refers to the
common sense notion that carrying debt is costly, and the key to prosperity is
avoiding debt. So, a sure fire way to build wealth is to prioritize savings first, and
only spend what is left over," commented Ms. Vindhya Jayasekera, Vice President of
NDB Wealth.

Elaborating further, Ms. Jayasekera added, “Independence Day 2019 is the perfect
time to take control of your finances and secure your financial independence. NDB
Wealth’s team of experts will help you put together a thorough and in-depth plan
that not only meets your immediate needs but also prepares you for any further
expenses that come your way, ensuring that you enjoy true financial security and

A key part of NDB Wealth’s strategy for 2019 is educating consumers about the
benefits of financial security, which you can better achieve through NDB Wealth
Money Plus, an excellent alternative to traditional, low interest savings accounts.
Working hard for you, and offering rates more similar to a fixed deposit, NDB Wealth
Money Plus offers a current yield of 11.55% per annum as at January 31, 2019 with
the added flexibility to withdraw all of the deposited funds at any time, without a

NDB Wealth Money Plus is a great option to build a pool of savings that can be
utilized to meet the specialized requirements of kids, women, retirees, and families
and/or any other unique group, making it a superior alternative to traditional savings
accounts. Further, it is also the ideal account for busy individuals who are too busy
to keep track of their finances since income from the account is credited daily,
relieving customers of that extra burden. Earnings are tax free to your hands.

So, NDB Wealth Money Plus is a great investment that prepares you for any
expenses, or emergencies, that may arise in the future, empowering you with real
financial independence. It’s time to secure your financial future today itself by
visiting  or calling us on 0719 788 788 to speak to one of our
relationship managers and set up your Money Plus account.

Interested parties can also utilize our website to explore other investment
opportunities at NDB Wealth that are available to everyone, with the added
advantage of accessing NDB Wealth’s exemplary team of financial planners, which can help them plan and put in place a full strategy for financial independence
including all the benefits provided by it.

NDB Wealth is an affiliate of the NDB Group, one of the fastest growing financial
services conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with the strategic mission to be the dominant
leader in the financial services and banking sector. From its inception, the group
which includes NDB Bank, NDB Investment Banking, NDB Wealth, NDB Securities,
and NDB Capital has been a catalyst in the development of the nation, strengthening
and empowering entrepreneurs, corporates and individuals from all strata of the
economy. The customers across all NDB Group companies have benefited from the
extensive product and service offerings of the NDB Bank and its affiliates.


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